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Solar Lights are comprised of 4 elements: LED chips, solar panels, motion sensor and a lithium battery

    • The LED chips are 8w, 16w, 40w. These have a life span of 50,000 hours or 11 years if turned on 12 hour/day
    • The solar panels are 12w, 36w, 60 and 90w. Their life span is about 18 to 20 years
    • The Lithium battery is 

We have 3 models to offer:

    • SL-1208  Solar Panel will generate about 84w of electricty p/day   Illumination 790 Lumen  
    • SL-3616  Solar panel will generate about 252w p/day                   Illumination 1800 Lumen
    • SL-AE4   A 90 w solar panel will generate about 630w p/day        Illumination 4400 Lumen


All three models have smart energy usage, that is, they will provide full light intensity when motion sensor is activated, otherwise they will go to dim light (half the power) to save energy. 

To determine the model to use, the hight of the lamp needs to be detemined. The higher a light is place on a pole more lighting capacity is required. 

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