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Renewable Energy Generator stores and supplies power generated by Solar, Wind, the grid or alternate emergency generators. This electronic piece of equipment has the following characteristics  

  • No gas, Smoke, nor Odor 
  • 100% silent, for indoor use
  • Serves as a backup to grid power supply
  • Contains a Battery bank of 14KW to store Power
  • Supplies up to 6 KW of continuous power
  • Can be set up to be the prime source of power, with plug and play connections
  • No daily fuel cost
  • Displays DC Input and AC Output
  • Remote Power Monitoring via WIFI or cell phones..Instructions
  • Recharges batteries from Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, The electric grid and/or from fuel power generators

Ideal for stand alone application where no grid is present. Electrical supply can be used to power up sensitive medical equipment.






...Renewable Energy Generator

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