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Off Grid Solar Kits

Off Grid Solar Kits

Off grid solar kits generates a specific amount of solar energy according to the installed capacity, during a 7 to 9 hour per day Sun lite power generation. The power obtained from the Sun is stored in batteries and release in a 24 hour period in accordance to the load demand. A solar kit of this nature can work all year around, and last anywhere between 18 to 25 years.

This is a perfect power generation system ideal for a remote or rustic areas where utility services are not available or unaffordable.  Off grid solar panels are a quiet, clean solution to powering private destinations such as your cabin in the woods, your RV, or even your boat. 

An off the grid Solar system can start small and grow in accordance to need. More Solar panels will increase power generation. More power generated needs more batteries to increase its energy storage capacity, More eneetgy stored can increase the rate of supply or prolonged the hours of supply. 

What’s included in an Off Grid Solar System? All of these components can be found in this site in their respective product category:

Solar panels - Our photo-voltaic panel systems available in different sizes and wattage's to meet your needs.

Inverter charger - Included are string inverters to charge your batteries. 

Charge controller - Off grid kits include MPPT charge controllers to regulate electrical activity coming from solar panels and into your battery, preserving overall battery life and performance.

Batteries - We provide top of the line  branded batteries to store the solar power harvested in your off grid system.

Balance of System parts - All other necessary pieces to complete your PV system, including junction boxes, cabling, and couplers.

Solar panel racking - Mounting solutions for rooftops, ground level, and pole systems, as per customer request.

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