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 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine


 Electricity from advanced* VERTICAL WIND TURBINES 

  • The VAWTs are non-polluting   
  • They’re economical
  • They’re quiet
  • They’re visually appealing
  • They’re long-life durable
  • They’re cheap to maintain 
  • They’re safe
  • They’re reliable
  • They work anywhere there is even light breeze (optimal in 12 mph sustained wind)
  • They don’t kill birds or other wildlife
  • They‘re cheap to transport, requiring no special permits
  • They’re low, usually not requiring special zoning variances
  • They install quickly, nor requiring complex infrastructure

 *VAWTs Vertical Axis Wind Turbines are not a new concept.  But patented new gearing and helical wing technologies  have dramatically  improved their efficiency, durability, and cost. There are no other wind turbines of any kind available now that can match the performance and low power cost of the  36kW…or even come close.

We are one of the few companies that will design and build small wind turbine farms or parks for Industrial use.

Small Wind Turbines for Commercial & Domestic Projects Please Send A Request For  A Quote Today.

For USA ClientsUSA

The  36kW is competitively priced at  well below what it could command in comparison to other conventional or alternative energy systems.  On a per kW comparison  prices is nearly 70% lower than all competitors, both conventional and alternative.  You can take advantage of our desire to quickly establish a growing market though this strategic pricing.

A small deposit secures your order in the production queue.

There are a few things you can do to inform yourself and shorten the process.

1. Check your electric bill to determine your usage and your cost per kWh. 

2. Check local ordinances for any possible use or height restrictions.

3. Get a good estimate of local average wind velocity.  

We provide a wind map on this website as a gross general guide, but it is not reliable for measuring velocity in any specific site.

For more precise measurement you can rent or buy an anemometer, available inexpensively at  

Many local airports also provide wind speed data.

4. In many states there are special tax incentives for wind power, even for individual homeowners.  You can see what’s available in your state at

5. Call your local power utility to inquire about their “net metering” arrangements.  Net metering contracts enable you to sell excess power that you produce to the utility at a price roughly equivalent to what it would cost them to produce it.  







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