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Solar Panels 4 U is all about reducing the carbon foot print, sustainable power generation and power independence for Urban and rural customers. Solar Panels 4 U is about providing equipment/products that change the way we generate/store/supply power without Fossil Fuels. Solar Panels 4 U is about bringing to the forefront products that improve illumination, hot water, cool air, water pumping etc. using renewable and sustainable power.  

This E-commerce web site was develop to inform/train/supply users about technologies that provide energy and improve the usage of energy. It features six types of products that are easy to use, easy to install that will help to change/improve the actual power generation and usage culture.

Specifically, in this e-commerce web site, you will find:

  • Power Generation Equipment: Solar, Wind and Hybrid power generation systems. Includes all components that integrate a complete power generation set, like: solar panels, wind turbines, controllers, batteries, inverters and accessories like solar panel mounts. This equipment and products will be able to generate/store/supply power from the Wind or from the Sun, to Urban (grid tied) or Rural customers. Additionally components to establish a Solar or Wind Park with the capacity to strengthen the grid where power is lacking  

  • Water Heater using heat pumps or solar collectors. A Heat Pump will use refrigerant R482A to transfer the ambient temperature to heat the running water, and cool the air. The solar collector system will use the Solar warmth to heat the water. Both types of equipment conform to water heating standards. Also Solar Hot air extractors are included that help to improve attic ventilation and lower indoor temperature.

  • Light Emitting Diode (LED) for home, office, warehouse, factory, auditorium, for indoor and outdoors, water proof, corrosion proof and dust proof. LED lights will provide greater illumination, with less energy, they will outlast the traditional lights from 5 to 10 times, and are non-toxic. Specifically, users will be able to assort lights in the 5000-6500K color range that cannot be provided by traditional lights 

  • Water Pumps using DC water pumps activated by solar panels or batteries. These water pumps are for: Swimming Pool, for Submersible pumps, or Land surface Pumps. The submersible pumps are in the well, cistern, tank, river and pumps the water to a higher tank for usage. The land or surface pump sits outside the water and pumps the water from source pipe to a tank or land for irrigation. These pumps are activated during sun hours, but can also run with Sun charged batteries.

  • Refrigerators & Freezers using DC compressors operate from solar panels or batteries permitting stand alone installation or non-grid tied. An optional AC/DC connector can also be supplied to run this equipment.

  • Security Equipment using wireless video cameras powered by the Sun or batteries.

This web site welcomes potential distributors for products sold here. Please contact us for more information and for selling our products locally.


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